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Rebase II Reliner

The Rebase II Reliner is a self-curing rigid acrylic resin for the reline of removable dentures. Once cured, the resin exhibits high hardness and is therefore recommended for permanent relines. The material makes it possible to restore all the functional parameters of the prosthesis (stability, centric occlusion, centric relation) directly (in the office) with simplified handling.

Rebase II is the market leader in several countries in Europe, America and Asia and for over 25 years has represented one of the main products of the TOKUYAMA brand.


– Precise fitting of the prosthesis.

– Rigid material with high durability.

– Procedure of only one consultation.

– No laboratory cost.

– Easy polishing material.

– Mouth cure: low heat generation and irritation during polymerization.

– Pink coloring.

– High durability.

– High adhesion to acrylic.

– Low heat generation intraorally.

– Low level of irritation during curing.

– Thin inhibited layer (69 microns).

– Resistant to bacterial growth.

– Reduced pore formation.

– Free of methyl methacrylate.

– Minimal odor and taste.

– Easy and convenient to use.

Items included

Kit comes with:

– 01 powder bottle with 80g.

– 01 bottle of liquid with 50ml.

– 01 sticker bottle with 15ml.

– 01 bottle of Tokuso with 48g.

– Miscellaneous accessories: mixing bowl, dosers, spoon, dripper, brush and spatula.