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About PHS

Founded in 2013, in the city of Joinville/SC, PHS Group was born with the aim of selling top quality products so that demanding professionals can offer the best services to their customers. 

Its origin was marked by the manufacture, import and distribution of high performance dental products, gradually gaining recognition in the national and international dental market.

After a meteoric expansion, PHS Group broke the boundaries of dentistry and absorbed brands of great impact in the technology, cosmetics, personal care, among other sectors that have technology and innovation as their main fuels.

Its relentless pursuit of customer and community well-being is reflected not only in its products and services, but also in its name, having imbued its culture with a relentless focus on people, health and science (People, Health & Science).

Comprised of a dynamic and restless team, PHS Group continues to invest in the development of new technologies, research and professionals, increasingly expanding its range of products and services and expanding its impact on the national and international market.


Our mission is to offer high quality products focusing on people’s well-being, in addition to creating value and making a difference for our business partners. 


By 2025, we seek to be recognized as a company that sells very high quality products, which provide a great differential for its customers. 


⊛ Honesty 
⊛ Satisfied customer
⊛ Committed and accomplished people
⊛ Sustainable growth
⊛ Commitment to the environment
⊛ Quality in everything we do

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