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Potenza Specchi Uno/Due Polishing Paste

Polishing pastes based on aluminum oxide with a granulation of 60 microns (UNO paste) and 20 microns (DUE paste). Indications:

– Polishing of restorative materials.

– DUE paste: finishing and pre-polishing.

– Pasto UNO: polishing.


– Combination of the best abrasive power with polishing capacity.

– Made with non-toxic ingredients.

– Menthol aroma.

– For professional use only.

– The POTENZA SPECCHI AL UNODUE paste set combines in its formulation the lubricating and abrasive properties of high hardness.

– Contains a paste vehicle, composed of water-soluble ingredients that provides ease of lubrication during the polishing process and does not suffer from the action of heat.

– Validity: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

Items included

Packing with:

01 UNO syringe with 3g of medium granulation

01 DUE syringe with 3g of fine granulation

02 application tips.