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Potenza Idrata Oral Moisturizer

Oral moisturizer based on petrolatum and polyethylene. Indicated for:

– Topical hydration for lips, especially in cases where the patient remains in consultation for long periods.

– Isolation/protection of places that may eventually contact irritating chemical agents during service.

– Lubrication for rubber sheet facilitating installation of absolute insulation.


– Colorless: does not produce residues, avoiding staining of restorations.

– Increases patient comfort.

– Moisturizes, insulates and protects soft tissues.

– Greater comfort for your patient.

– Deep and lasting hydration.

– Moisturizer based on petrolatum and polyethylene.

– Ideal for long-term surgical procedures.

– Little need for reapplication. 


How to use Potenza Idrata

Step 1: Apply the required amount of the product to the gloved finger or disposable micro-applicator.

Step 2: Spread in the desired location until a thin film forms.

Step 3: For procedures that last more than 1 hour, it may be necessary to reapply the product to maintain the moisturizing effect.

4th Step: If it is necessary to remove the moisturizer, do it with cotton or gauze.



Items included

1 tube with 15g of product + Instructions for use.