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Potenza Attacco Acid Conditioner 35%

35% phosphoric acid gel indicated for acid etching of enamel and dentin prior to the adhesive procedure.

In addition to being effective, POTENZA ATTACCO has a unique viscosity. The gel stays exactly where it is applied, without flowing, which is particularly interesting in cases of selective acid etching. The gel does not form lumps, has high wettability and an intense blue color.


– Thixotropic: does not flow from the applied site.

– Blue coloring: easy visualization of the application site.

– Easy removal after application (highly washable).

– High wettability: excellent contact between the gel and the surface.

– Potenza Attacco is self-limiting, ie the depth of conditioning can be controlled (average depth of 2.0µ).

– True thixotropy, impressive handling with no sag. Perfect for selective acid etching on enamel.

– Non-food coloring, full compatibility and significant performance improvement.

– No bubble formation, many conditioners on the market bubble as they react, and can change their shape during the application process.

– Self-limiting technology, the material stops reacting by penetrating 0.2 micron into the tooth structure.

– Validity: 2 years.

Items included

Pack with 1 syringe of 3g + 1 application tip.