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Posterior Stelite Composite

Tokuyama Estelite Posterior composite was developed for cases where there is intense mechanical action on the tooth structure. It has a low shrinkage index which allows for greater longevity to the restoration. Its spherical and monodisperse Supra-nanometric particles guarantee better shine, fast light-curing and perfect adaptability to the dentin cavity.

ESTELITE POSTERIOR is a light-curing and radiopaque composite composite used for posterior restorations. POSTERIOR ESTELITE contains 84% ​​by weight (70% by volume) silica-zirconium filler material (average particle size: 2 μm; particle size range: 0.1 to 10 μm).

The high amount of filler reduces polymerization shrinkage. The monomer matrix contains Bis-GMA, triethylene glycol-dimethacrylate (TEGDMA) and Bisphenol A polyethoxymethacrylate (Bis-MPEPP). ESTELITE POSTERIOR uses radical amplified light curing initiator technology (RAP technology). The curing time can be reduced by a third compared to traditional composites using a light curing lamp with a wavelength between 400 and 500 nm (peak value: 470 nm).

Indicated for:

– Posterior Restorations (including the occlusal surface);

– Restorations in Porcelain and Composites;

– Patients with bruxism, high wear.


– Composite resin with high mechanical strength for posteriors.

– Great for single block resin reconstructions.

– Extremely high range chameleon effect (6 shades).

– High-class occlusal esthetics.

– Shades for use in single blocks or later complete layering.

– Spherical Monodisperse Supra-nanometric Fillers – 84% weight (70% volume).

– Respectable flexural and compressive strength.

– Fast cure time, technology and RAP© patent.

– Low sensitivity to ambient light/reflector.

– Enhanced polishing.

– Light curing of 10/15 seconds.

– Not sticky.

– RAP Technology | Tokuyama patent.

– Good Radiopacity.

– Spherical Particles.


Items included

Pack with 01 syringe of 2ml.