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Palfique Universal Bond Sticker

PALFIQUE BOND is a two-component, self-curing universal adhesive, suitable for bonding to enamel, dentin and indirect materials.

The adhesive is presented in two components (Bond A + Bond B), which must be mixed and then applied to the substrate. It has an extremely versatile feature, especially recommended for cementation routines and direct restorations.


– Exclusive 3D SR + MTU-6 monomer technology for maximum adhesive longevity.

– Multimode option: conventional, self-etching or acid-selective enamel.

– Compatible with photo, chemical or dual cure resins.

– Maximizes adhesion to silica-based materials, zirconia and metals.

– No light curing agent or chemical activator.

– Does not require primer application in indirect materials.

– Strong and durable adhesion to enamel, dentin and indirect materials.

– Uniform, thin and resistant adhesive layer.

– High penetration power and tag formation.

– Excellent for cementation of intraradicular posts.

Items included

Kit with 01 bottle with 5ml of Bond A + 01 bottle with 5ml of Bond B + 05 disposable mixing containers + 01 reusable mixing container + 01 box with 25 disposable micro-applicators.tructions for use.