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Kit Black Edition Whitening PRO Dr. Thiago Ottoboni

In this particular COMBO, Prof. Thiago Ottoboni has gathered materials of excellence so that the professional can offer the best in tooth whitening to his patients.


Potenza Idrata

Oral moisturizer based on petrolatum and polyethylene. Indicated for topical hydration for lips, especially in cases where the patient remains in consultation for long periods. 

Potenza Esente 2%

Gel based on 6% potassium nitrate and 2% sodium fluoride. Indicated for reducing dental hypersensitivity, especially to in-office bleaching. 

Potenza Essente GLU-HEMA

Aqueous solution consisting of HEMA monomer and glutaraldehyde desensitizing agent. Indicated to reduce dentin hypersensitivity. Reduces or eliminates hypersensitivity even in cases of high degree of discomfort.

Potenza Blocco

Light-curing gingival barrier indicated for isolation of the marginal gingiva during in-office bleaching and sealing aid for absolute isolation.

Potenza Bianco PRO SS 38%

In-office tooth whitener based on 38% hydrogen peroxide. 

Potenza Bianco PF 10%

Homemade carbamide peroxide tooth whitener. 

Power Esente 0.2%

Gel based on 6% potassium nitrate and 0.2% sodium fluoride. Indicated for reducing dental hypersensitivity, especially to at-home whitening.

Potenza Specchi Al

Polishing paste based on aluminum oxide with a 17 micron granulation, indicated for polishing restorative materials.

The COMBOS of the BLACK EDITION line were developed by the greatest professors in the field of Aesthetics in Dentistry, in partnership with PHS DO BRASIL and TOKUYAMA DENTAL. They consist of materials gathered to meet the technique that the teacher trusts within his work and teaching methodology.

Items included

  • 01 Potenza Idrata Lip Moisturizer
  • 01 Potenza Esente Desensitizer 2%
  • 01 Potenza Essence Desensitizer GLU-HEMA
  • 01 Potenza Blocco Gingival Barrier
  • 04 Whitening Syringes in Office Potenza Bianco PRO SS 38%
  • 03 Homemade Whitening Syringes Potenza Bianco PF 10%
  • 03 Potenza Esente 0.2% Desensitizing Syringes
  • 01 Potenza Specchi Al Polishing Paste