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Estelite Flow Quick High Flow Composite

Low viscosity fluid composite suitable for:

– Direct restorations on anterior and posterior teeth (particularly for small, shallow and tunnel-shaped cavities).

– Cavity lining.

– For sealing prepared cavities before fabricating indirect restorations.

– Porcelain/composite repair.


– Flow resin in shade (3.6g / 2mL).

– Low viscosity.

– High-class aesthetics.

– High patent mechanical properties.

– High flexural and compressive strength.

– Excellent gloss retention.

– Minimal post-curing shrinkage (1.3%).

– Long range chameleon effect (mimicry) (up to 8 shades).

– Enhanced radiopacity.

– Minimal post-curing color change.

– Optimal surface tension for Class V restorations.

– New syringe design that facilitates handling and reduces waste.

– Very fast light-curing.

– Easy and excellent polishing.

– Magnificent manipulation for anatomical recreation.


The Dental Advisor® Award

Best low viscosity composite 2012


Items included

Pack with 01 syringe of 2ml in color A1.

Pack with 01 syringe of 2ml in color A2.

Pack with 01 syringe of 2ml in OPA2 color.