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Dental Whitener Potenza Bianco PF 35%

POTENZA BIANCO PF 35% is a professional use whitening agent for in-office application, based on 35% Carbamide Peroxide.

The product has the appearance of a thixotropic and colorless gel, ready to use directly from the syringe.

POTENZA BIANCO PF 35% is indicated for in-office tooth whitening. It can be used on vital and non-vital teeth that show changes in color. The product is also indicated as an adjunct in the treatment of mild cases of staining caused by fluorosis or by the use of tetracycline and its derivatives.


– Carbamide peroxide gel at 35%.

– Syringe ready to use.

– Maximum practicality: product ready for use, application directly from the syringe.

– Safety: pH close to neutral confers less risk of enamel demineralization and the high water content prevents dental dehydration.

– High yield: about 100 drops per syringe.

– Greater safety: comes with a bottle of neutralizing agent, indicated in cases of undue contact of the whitening gel with soft tissues.

– Low index of hypersensitivity.

– It has desensitizing agents in its formulation, increasing patient comfort without reducing the whitening potential.

– Contains Glyceral as a humectant.

– High water content that helps prevent dental dehydration.

– Reduces susceptibility to caries, reduces sensitivity and improves the micro hardness of enamel.

– Validity: 2 years from the date of manufacture.

The whitening gel should be applied to the teeth to be whitened for 40 minutes per session. It is necessary to use a gingival barrier.

Items included

1 syringe with 3g of product + 1 applicator tip + Instructions for use.