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Dental Whitener Potenza Bianco PRO SS 38% H₂O₂

In-office tooth whitener based on 38% hydrogen peroxide.

Effective and practical, the syringe system offers a very high performance treatment. Its clinical application time is reduced, which minimizes the risk of hypersensitivity and streamlines the session. The viscosity of the gel presents well-balanced flow to facilitate application.


– Active Principle: Hydrogen Peroxide at a concentration of 38%.

– Syringe-Syringe system does not require manipulation and facilitates application of the gel on the teeth;.

– Recommended interval of one week between sessions.

– Stable system for releasing oxidative radicals.

– The Hydrogen Peroxide raw material used in the whitening gel does not have components that degrade the peroxide over time, in transport, in pressure variations, among others.

– Fast application time: only 25 to 30 min.

– Syringe system – safer, more practical and easier to apply.

– Pre-dosed proportions to supply both arches (from the 2nd premolar to the other).

– Single application per session: no gel changes.

– High wettability: maximum contact of the gel with the tooth.

– Blue color: easy visualization of the gel application site.

– Safety: kit comes with neutralizer.

– FDA-approved, non-food, highly compatible blue dye for easy viewing during application.

– Validity: 2 years after the date of manufacture.

Items included

1 stage 1 syringe (1.3g) + 1 stage 2 syringe (1.3g) + 1 gingival barrier syringe containing 3g + Instructions for use.