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Dental Whitener Potenza Bianco PRO H₂O₂ 35%

In-office tooth whitener based on 35% hydrogen peroxide.

The traditional system of bottles makes it possible to make the desired amount of whitening gel more flexible, avoiding product waste. The manipulation of the phases is very simple, just mix them in the correct proportion. After a brief manual mixing, the gel becomes homogeneous and presents high wettability, which maximizes its contact with the teeth and helps in the activity of the active ingredient.


– Active Principle: Hydrogen Peroxide at a concentration of 35%.

– Application of 3x 15 minutes each, per session.

– Bottle system – flexible amounts, no waste.

– Excellent rheology: high gel wettability.

– Color change: change from red to blue indicates gel activity.

– Safety: kit comes with neutralizer.

– Stable system for releasing oxidative radicals.

– The Hydrogen Peroxide raw material used in the whitening gel does not have components that degrade the peroxide over time, in transport, in pressure variations, etc.

– The importation of Hydrogen Peroxide from Potenza takes place in a controlled chamber. The product comes under the same conditions of temperature, pressure and humidity, and is maintained in the same way in the industry, ensuring great stability.

– Uniform result over the entire tooth surface.

– Stabilized concentration.

– Smart coloring to indicate the stage of treatment.

– Visible results from the first application.

– Acts in less time.

Items included

1 bottle with 15.3g of hydrogen peroxide + 1 bottle with 5.5g of thickener + 1 bottle with 10g of neutralizer + 1 syringe with 3g of gingival barrier + 1 mixing container and 1 mixing spatula + Instructions for use.